About us

We are digital engineering for mobility. We are the technological innovation that makes infrastructures safer and more sustainable, travelling easier, cities smarter.

The new technological operator for smart and sustainable mobility

MOVYON is a leading company in the development and integration of Intelligent Transport Systems solutions, created as the centre of excellence in research and innovation of Autostrade per l’Italia.

We design, integrate and produce innovative solutions to design the future of mobility, which for us is already intelligent and sustainable, powered by a technology which is invisible but constantly there.

We develop systems aimed at monitoring and managing infrastructures, for the control and management of road system and safety, for tolling, for smart cities and roads.

WE operate in Italy and abroad. Our solutions are intended for public administration offices, managers of distributed infrastructures, large companies and service providers, and we support them in the offer of restyled services and mobility experiences which are safer and more user-friendly.

Our approach is open-minded and cooperative. We work with universities, research centres, incubators and start-ups, leveraging on open innovation and co-creation.

offices in Italy

We have offices in Florence, Milan and Rome.


We have projects in Europe, South America, Africa.


Our active monitoring systems in Italy.


Tolling technologies in Italy by MOVYON.

Where we operate: a few facts and figures

We are the excellence of research for the Autostrade per l’Italia Group

MOVYON is part of the Autostrade per l’Italia Group, the company managing over 3,000 km of motorway infrastructures in Italy, traveled by four million users. The company adopts a transformation plan whose industrial concept is based on research and innovation applied to engineering, on sustainability as centre for value creation, on the operation and maintenance of mobility infrastructures.

The objective of the Group is to strongly qualify the standards and activities of the motorway concession-holder, while simultaneously opening new business opportunities in the area of engineering, innovation and smart systems for urban mobility.

Partnership is in our DNA

We work in close contact with start-ups, research centres, universities at domestic and international level. We bring together the best competences to develop solutions aimed at making our customers' operating processes more efficient, and to design new features which will allow us to offer users safer, more accessible and sustainable mobility.

Your travelling partner on the way to a new concept of mobility.

We support our clients to provide drivers with a new travelling experience. Our goal is to create a safer, more accessible, sustainable mobility finding solutions to simplify our customers’ operational processes.

The journey to sustainable mobility starts from people

Our professionals operate on the infrastructures and networks of the leading operator in Europe in motorway construction and management. They have passion, engineering and technological skills, as well as a profound knowledge of the market.