MOVYON: our view of the future

Mission, vision and values of the new technological operator for smart and sustainable mobility.

MOVYON as travel partner: our mission

We stand by our customers – PA, managers of distributed infrastructures, large companies and service providers – in guaranteeing the community a travel experience which is more comfortable, user-friendly and safe. This is why we are committed to enhancing their operating processes, to finding innovative and technologically advanced solutions, to introducing functionalities which upgrade all aspects related to safety, accessibility and environmental sustainability of travel on roads and motorways.

Towards a new idea of mobility: our vision

We work every day to make sure that tomorrow mobility is smart, cities are smart, road travel is safe, and infrastructures are sustainable. The environment is a value for everyone: our people, our customers, the community that travels on roads and motorways every day. The energy we invest is driven by ideas of change, on a route of concrete innovations, powered by technology which is invisible, but always there. 

Our values

The values we believe in are on board our solutions

We support our customers in simplifying daily life on the road in the city or on a motorway. We design integrated, custom-based and flexible solutions, allowing them to protect the safety of drivers, as well as of all staff on roads and motorways.