As the future gets closer and closer, we know all the roads to get there. Discover all MOVYON solutions for safe and sustainable mobility.

Technological innovation for managing and maintaining infrastructures

We provide solutions which innovate the management of mobility infrastructures. For example ARGO, our cutting-edge platform based on IoT and artificial intelligence concepts.


Technologies 4.0 for tolling

Thanks to our technologies, tolling is now simpler and safer: this is why they are among the most widespread in Italy and all over Europe. Smart solutions on the way to the future.


On Board Units

The first operational electronic toll system standardized in the world as a European standard is implemented in Italy and represents the first true example of the Internet of Things.

The monitoring you need for road safety

We have developed a wide range of integrated technologies and system designed to monitor roadside working sites, tunnel road travel, speed limits, and dangerous goods in transit. This is how we make roads and motorways an increasingly safe place.


Traffic is a thing of the past

Anyone travelling on our road network is always connected with our smart system, to be informed – at all times – about road system, traffic jams and travel time.

The road now interacts with connected cars

Check out our solutions to make roads smarter. Cars, mobility infrastructures and lay-bys become a single ecosystem, always online and at the service of travellers.


Sustainable mobility reaches the smart city

Management systems for traffic, smart parking, limited traffic zones (ZTL) and public transport monitoring: the best of the MOVYON experience to move in the city in an even more efficient way.

MOVYON Electronics

The center dedicated to the design and manufacture of electronic equipment for Intelligent Transport System and Electronic Toll Collection solutions

Thanks to the acquisition of Infomobility Srl, an excellence of the Italian motor valley with a consolidated experience in this segment, MOVYON Electronics can count on highly specialized skills and a strong drive in the field of Research and Development.