The Best in Class Asset Management platform for infrastructure management and monitoring.

The full potential of digital engineering in a single platform: the complete digitisation of infrastructural assets, a management database, data control and governance, Mobile APP in support of field inspections, IoT sensors to monitor works and artificial intelligence algorithm for the analysis and detection of defects. 

Between artificial intelligence, IoT ad digital twin.

Tomorrow is already travelling on the roads of today.

In its digital inventory, ARGO collects and manages structural data about bridges, overpasses, viaducts and tunnels in real time.

The installation of IoT sensors allows data to be collected to assess and monitor the “health” of the works. Drones equipped with extremely high resolution video cameras and LIDAR lasers perform a three-dimensional scan of the work, transforming it into millions of georeferenced points in space that can be associated with each individual component.

The simplified BIM, generated by the data contained in the digital inventory, supports the operator in the digital examination of the work during inspection. It is supported by the 3D Digital Twin, obtained by dressing the point cloud with the photographs taken by drones.

The operator can carry out remote inspections thanks to the careful reconstruction provided by the digital twin and the application of artificial intelligence algorithms that allow for the timely analysis of the drones’ photographs and the identification of the defects associated with the infrastructure components.

The Mobile App assists the inspector in field and remote activities, entering the defect (or lack thereof) for each infrastructure component, supported by photographs and a precise positioning on the individual components of the work.


Works under concession accurately and continuously. 


and control of the data generated by the assets. 


of monitoring, inspection and maintenance. 


safe travel and fewer extraordinary closures. 

Advantages for managers and benefits for drivers

MOVYON technological innovation on board the solution

Tech innovation

ARGO Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twin: the smart combination that carefully reconstructs the asset components, on which the operator carries out remote inspections, analyses and defect identification.


technologies integrated into the platform.


of mapped motorway network.


structures with a Digital Twin.


digitised bridges and viaducts.

The figures of the ARGO platform for Autostrade per l’Italia