Back Office

A modular suite of applications provides concession-holders with services in support of the toll system: setting toll policies, pricing, subscriptions and exemptions, collections management.

For a toll system that looks to the future

With the Back Office system, motorway concession-holders have the toll system constantly under control. The solution makes it possible to set the toll policies, the pricing, the subscriptions and the exemptions and facilitated collections management.

The integration of a CRM makes it possible to log customer data, so as to have all the information necessary for future services (for example, account management for customers with rechargeable accounts). A sophisticated trip building algorithm can also determine and reconstruct users’ routes.

The solution can interface external Payment Service Providers, implementing standard (e.g. ISO 12855) or custom interfaces for the exchange of transit data and the lists of valid documents.

The offer is completed with a Data Lake that makes reporting and analytics possible and can be used by third party systems.