Transforming the streets of the future. Giving shape to technological innovation. Generate change ideas. This is the journey that in MOVYON we take together with our people.

The most sought-after professional figures in MOVYON


System engineer


Software analyst


Hardware engineer


R&D specialist


Solution architect


Skills and passion at work for the future of mobility

All the people in MOVYON combine passion, engineering and technological skills with a deep knowledge of the market, which they acquire by operating on the infrastructures and networks of the leading European operator of motorway construction and management.

Among these, let’s get to know more closely the four teams of professionals who develop and implement MOVYON solutions every day: smart and tech solutions that make the management, monitoring and maintenance of works more efficient, mobility easier, cities smarter, safer infrastructure.

Road System and Safety Team

The team is made up of MOVYON professionals who design integrated systems for the road system. They work to make sure that the solutions they design achieve the following objectives: to guarantee the safety and protection of motorers and drivers, to avoid congestion and to promote the responsible management of environmental resources. 


Infrastructure Team

The Infrastructure Team is the heart of the full potential of digital technology, from the Internet of Things to artificial intelligence. This team of professionals implements highly-technological hardware and software solutions that will optimise the monitoring and inspection of mobility works and, ultimately, increase their service life.

Toll Collection Team

The MOVYON Toll Collection Team is dedicated to designing and implementing the most modern toll collection systems. In addition to the toll collection systems, they also design the platforms for managing financial information, information about maintenance and the status of payment orders.


Operations Team

The professionals of the Operations Team have the task of designing, assuring the delivery and installing on-site the custom solutions developed internally by the colleagues of other teams.



We invest in the talent of our people to implement technological innovation and build with them our idea of future for mobility and infrastructure management


What does it mean to work in MOVYON

Transforming the roads of the future. Shaping technological innovation. Generating the ideas of change. This is the journey we make with our people at MOVYON.