What does it mean to work in MOVYON

Transforming the roads of the future. Shaping technological innovation. Generating the ideas of change. This is the journey we make with our people at MOVYON.

The value of people at the heart of change

The skills and knowledge of our people are the energy that drives us towards the future we want to design: a future of simpler sustainable mobility, smart cities and safer infrastructures.

We look for and develop their talent, by creating a workplace in which people can express their full potential. We train the management to inspire leadership firmly focussed on merits, responsibility, listening and collaborative, constructive feedback.

We believe in professionalism and integrity, in work ethics and transparency, striving towards high quality performance of ideas and work. We promote our values throughout the entire business community through an important programme of listening, training and information, with the aim of supporting the spread of its awareness and full compliance.

More than 200

Employees in the company.


The percentage of under 35.

39 years

The average age of the MOVYON staff.

400 employees

Involved in the staff assessment programme.

MOVYON people: the figures

Staff development

Here at MOVYON we encourage personal growth and development, from the professionals through to the managers. 

We focus on a new model of leadership, which rewards not only the achievement of results but also the way in which these results are achieved. We promote managerial approaches focused on change and resource development.

Inclusion and diversity

The MOVYON welfare policies are designed in compliance with equal opportunities. Indeed, we promote an inclusive workplace, to make room for collaboration and dialogue between different generations and genders.

We valorise diversities to allow the talent of all genders to be fully expressed.

Health and safety

We guarantee our people the prevention and protection measures necessary to protect their health and minimise occupational risks. We support welfare needs through the integration of category welfare provisions and personal life insurance policies.

We protect the organisational well-being of our people in both the professional and personal spheres, with initiatives in support of parents and study.

We are looking for innovators of sustainable mobility

If you wish to contribute to the research and development of smart solutions for the mobility of tomorrow and think you have the qualities we are looking for, we would love to meet you. Do you wish to submit your application? Start here.