City Access

Systems and technologies to control the main entry and exit gateways to the smart city. Applicable to the urban context, but also to logistics and ports of transhipment.

Modular and scalable, our City Access technologies can be easily integrated with existing systems. They support municipal and regional road service companies in controlling accesses to the areas of interest. 

Monitoring entries, exits and interchanges in a smart city

The City Access MOVYON system includes a modular and scalable set of technologies, which can be integrated with access monitoring on road networks. It allows checking entries and exits from Italian cities through online checkpoints and tolling technologies, for example the equipment for dynamic tolling which is calculated based on the expected level of traffic and on the type of user in transit. 

The objective of City Access is to optimise entrances in the city through traffic forecasting models, the management of combined transport hubs, as well as by monitoring areas of interest (limited traffic zones – ZTL – in urban areas, and controlled traffic zones –ZTC – in airport areas), logistics areas and ports of transhipment. 

Data collection

constantly updated traffic info.

Optimised management

thanks to traffic forecasting models.


and reporting of the traffic data collected.

Enhanced road system

more secure traffic in the city.

Advantagesfor road service managers and benefits for drivers

MOVYON technological innovationon board the solution

The technologies for City Access are based on constantly collecting data about trafficand vehicles in transit, to which fundamental forecasting models are applied to optimise access in the city.

systems to regulate city access.

Facts and figures of MOVYON access solution to cities