Code of ethics

Ethical Code

Atlantia SpA, together with its subsidiaries and affiliates ("the Group"), which includes Autostrade Tech SpA, has adopted a Code of Ethics that applies to employees of the Group and all those who cooperate in the pursuit of the Group's goals in the context of their relations with the Group.
Members of the Group's Boards of Directors are required to be guided by the principles of the Code, as subsequently identified here, in setting the goals of the Group's businesses and in proposing and implementing investment projects, as well as in any decision or action concerning the management of the Group's companies; similarly, in the practical management of the Group's companies, executives must be guided by the same principles both within the Group, strengthening cohesion and the spirit of mutual cooperation, and in relation to third parties who come into contact with the Group.
Employees and independent contractors of the Group (such as, for example, consultants, representatives, intermediaries, agents, etc...) as well as business partners and all those with long-term business relationships with the Group, are required to adhere to the provisions of the Code in their behaviour. All employees must perform their duties with honesty, dedication and professionalism and must also operate within the law.
Relations between employees of all levels and their relations with third parties outside the Group must be characterized by appropriateness, cooperation, fairness and mutual respect. Actions, operations, negotiations and, in general, any other activity performed by employees of the Group in their work must be characterized by managerial fairness, complete and transparent information disclosure and compliance with internal procedures.