Customizable systems with all the road and highway-related information useful for travelers.

infomobility card

Road and highway information is provided to road and highway users through variable message signs along the infrastructure, Interactive Multimedia Totems, apps, and websites. Interactive Multimedia Totems, in particular, provide traffic information to road and highway drivers. They are primarily installed along the highway route, within service areas, and at high-traffic points, such as airports.

On the Totems, users can read traffic information and view real-time video streams from cameras along the routes. They can also obtain useful intermodal mobility information to and from urban centers, provided by potentially integrated systems, such as information on rail mobility or local public transportation. They are versatile and customizable: they can integrate additional third-party information and, if permitted, advertising as well, to offer drivers the best user experience. The content made available by traveler communication systems is continually powered by the Traffic Management Platform, capable of collecting and processing data and delivering it in the form of useful information to users.