Mobility Enablers

These simplify mobility in the smart city: systems and technologies designed to optimise urban road systems to the benefit of transport companies, the PA and citizens.

Functions include: equipment and technologies to optimise logistics for industry operators, equipment and technology for the management of tourist buses with tracking systems and recommended routes, devices and technologies to monitor the TPL fleets and smart allocation.

Simplifying mobility in smart cities

The MOVYON Mobility Enablers facilitate urban traffic management for transport companies and public administrations, with huge advantagesbenefits for drivers in terms of traffic fluidity and customised communication in real time of information about the road system.

The solutions use technology to track public fleets through control servers connected with the satellite OBU system on board the vehicles, of tourist buses and commercial vehicles. Specific devices and technologies allow logistics operators to plan and control goods transit. The constant collection and update of data, including by smart traffic lights, is input into the traffic forecasting models. 

Data collection

constantly updated information about traffic.

Optimised management

thanks to the traffic forecasting models.


and reporting of traffic data collected.

Better road systems

more fluid traffic in the city.

Advantages for managers and benefits for drivers

MOVYON technological innovation on the solution