Smart Tolling

Our Smart Tolling solutions assist driver with toll payments in the most user-friendly and fastest way possible and help them save on their travel costs, thanks to constant traffic monitoring.

Road Side Equipment

The set of electrical, electronic and communication equipment and software applications enabling the transit of vehicles on tollroad and motorway sections.


The solution automatically detects the speed of vehicles travelling in two ways: average speed along the section and instant speed. A safe, systematic control of respect of speed limits.

Back Office

A modular suite of applications provides concession-holders with services in support of the toll system: setting toll policies, pricing, subscriptions and exemptions, collections management.

Road system info

Interactive multimedia totems: customisable systems with complete information about the road system useful to those travelling by road and motorway.

Dynamic toll pricing

When traffic flow slows on the motorway, an algorithm detects the delays and calculates the drivers’ refund: the MOVYON solution is the dynamic calculation of motorway tolls.