Operation Safety

The MOVYON solution dedicated to safety on road construction sites. Its heart is SFirst, the app used to track and plan the site throughout its entire service cycle. Safety First.

Road construction site under control, from start to finish.

MOVYON puts safety first, including on site. Accordingly, the Italian law requires sites at which multiple contractors may risk interfering with each other to liaise and coordinate. Safe site planning is a must.

Operation Safety has been designed for motorway concession-holders needing to monitor site safety. With this solution, a preventive careful analysis can be performed of all risks, tracking entrances and exits and assuring an overview of the current situation, with an advantage in terms of glower interference while operating the motorway network.

Thanks to the Operation Safety technology, safety coordinators, the contractor and enterprises have the cross-platform app “Sfirst” available to them, providing a single environment offering full information in order to plan and monitor the site in real time. 


overview from the site.


digitised safety.


of the allocation of contractors.

Better CX

safer road systems.

Advantages for managers and benefits for drivers

MOVYON technological innovation on the solution


The cross-platform app (progressive web app) that the user can also use from a mobile telephone, exploiting the GPS function. Works on all operating systems (IOS and Android). Tracks and plans site entrances and exits. The app can be integrated with any road system.

la tecnologia safety first