Radio Room

Collecting reports and data about traffic, turning them into targeted actions and understanding in real time the road travelconditions has never been so easy.

Radio Room: how digital technologieshelp make roads safer

The MOVYON Radio Room is fitted with the best technologies to supervise the travel conditions on roads and motorways: a modular architecture which collects traffic reports, then turns them into events and finally implements a set of actions and retroactions. Our SIV –Integrated Road TravelSystem–is the main operating tool in Radio Rooms: it makes it possible to send information to drivers using variable-display panels, and to contact communication channels, for example radio and third-party systems, integrating road travel centres. The system also allows for managing the whole SOS alert system, to produce reports and manage future events: both those that can be planned and the ones that cannot be planned, for example queue length, using the Autotraf system. In order to facilitate supervising operations by operators, the Radio Room is fitted with a Video Wall system consisting of a series of monitors connected one with the other, showing real-time flow video footage from cameras active along the route.

Enhanced road travel

thanks to constant supervision. 

Real Time

to optimise reporting and events.


and reporting of traffic data.

Advantages for service managers and benefits for drivers

The technologies in the MOVYON Radio Room allow for overall operating management of trafficand to always have a real-time view which helps save time and makes road travel safer.


MOVYON technological innovation on the solution

Integrated Road Travel System (SIV)

This software, the heart of the Radio Room, makes it possible to supervise and manage the general condition of traffic on roads and motorways. The platform collects all reports, then allows for their processing and management in the form of events visible through a graphic representation of motorway sections (synoptics) and through a geo-referenced map.