Road Safety

Monitoring speed limits, weights of vehicles and any dangerous goodstransported: MOVYON solutions to for enhanced safety on suburban roads.

Safety managementof the road and on the road

From speed and weight measurement of vehicles, to detecting any dangerous goods on board, through monitoring, collection and real-time data transmission: our Road Safety solutions include MOVYON systems which monitor major structural risk factors for your assets –stresses, weights, dangerous goods –as well as reporting the possible exceeding of speed limits on the relevant road sections, informing drivers and road authorities in real time.


of weights, stresses and overload on infrastructures.

Statistical analysis

on traffic flows and travel routes.

Enhanced CX

more secure and safer road system.

The main advantages of a bundlededicated to road safety

Detection of dangeorus goods

The MOVYON system that strengthens safety on motorways, thanks to the monitoring and tracking of vehicles in transit carrying dangerous goods.

Sustainability, as well as road safety

The reduction in average speed monitored through MOVYON systems, helps follow a more uniform driving style, reducing CO2 emissions

Weigh in Motion System

The MOVYON platform performs a dynamic monitoring of the weight of vehicles in transit on motorways and suburban roads.


The solution automatically detects the speed of vehicles travelling in two ways: average speed along the section and instant speed. A safe, systematic control of respect of speed limits.

dedicated solutions

for safety on suburbanroads.


measurement of limits, 365 days a year.

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