Road Side Equipment

The set of electrical, electronic and communication equipment and software applications enabling the transit of vehicles on tollroad and motorway sections.

MOVYON is a market leader in the supply of tolling systems (about 75% of lanes throughout Italy) and with its Road Side Equipment technology it provides instruments to manage entry and exit on the relevant motorway section, allowing for transit payment with advanced systems.

The most advanced systems for user-friendly payment

There are two macro-areas in terms of tolling: traditional systems(tolling lanes) and Free Flowsystems (tolling gates). Depending on the architecture of the system, several payment methods can be implemented: advanced solutions, for example ETC (Electronic toll collection, based on OBU/DSRC, TAG/ RFID, NFC, chip cards), Videotolling payments (ANPR) and traditional payments in cash using the self-service mode or via an operator.




advanced payment solutions.



managing several payment methods.


with third-party track systems.

Advantages for road service managers and benefits for drivers

MOVYON technological innovation on board the solution