Safe road system

Travelling on the roads of the future is smarter and safer. We have designed a set of integrated solutions which make travelling an experience to enjoy and repeat, lightheartedly.

You just focus on travelling: MOVYON will take care of road safety on the road

Roads and motorways are places travelled by millions of people every day. To all of them we wish to ensure an increasingly safe experience: traffic conditon information systems, software for traffic management in tunnels, control systems to verify compliance with speed limits are our way of wishing drivers a safe journey.

Data collection


using dedicated sensors for travel times.



the management of criticalities.



traffic information systems.

Enhanced CX

traffic info tailored for each driver.

The competitive edge of MOVYON solutions for safe road system

Control Room

Collecting reports and data about traffic, turning them into targeted actions and understanding in real time the road system conditions has never been so easy.

Road system info

Interactive multimedia totems: customisable systems with complete information about the road system useful to those travelling by road and motorway.

Travel Time

An advanced calculation system integrated with sensor-basednetwork calculates the time necessary to drive from the start to the end of a motorway section.