Smart mobility

With MOVYON vehicles are connected one together and with infrastructures and paying the toll is easy and fast: everything is designed to guarantee a better CX for drivers, also in a lay-by.

Technology 4.0 for a road that travels with drivers

Let us imagine we are driving along a road that keeps us informed in real time about what is happening around us, that allows us to travel and make payments more easly and faster, recommending us when and where to stop. This is exactly what we mean by smart mobility. Our concept of mobility is based on simplicity and safety, because on these roads you will feel as if you were already home, even while you are still travelling.

Road Side Equipment

The set of electrical, electronic and communication equipment and software applications enabling the transit of vehicles on tollroad and motorway sections.

Back Office

A modular suite of applications provides concession-holders with services in support of the toll system: setting toll policies, pricing, subscriptions and exemptions, collections management.

Smart Service Areas

Our technology helps monitor and detect the traffic flows in lay-bys, informing drivers about the availability of the services, protecting their safety while they are in the lay-by.

Dynamic toll pricing

When traffic flow slows on the motorway, an algorithm detects the delays and calculates the drivers’ refund: the MOVYON solution is the dynamic calculation of motorway tolls.