Smart monitoring

It monitors in real time the traffic conditions in the city and communicates with drivers, municipality and police forces: this is the MOVYON technological ecosystem for safety in the smart city.

The advantages of MOVYON smart monitoring: guaranteeingensuring a higher level of road safety and an enhanced customer experience for drivers in urban contexts.

Ensuring the safest road system for the smart city

The ecosystem of technologies dedicated to monitoring the traffic conditions in urban areas is aimed atintended for municipal, regional road service companies and police forces, guaranteeing first of allin order to ensure primarily an increase in key safety indices in the city. It includes systems applicable to the urban context, for example speed detection, automated incident detection, tracking of dangerous goods and tunnel control of galleries and tunnel.

Communication with drivers is innovative and direct, without intermediaries, through Infotainment which enhances the driving experience as a whole: vehicles are connected to rod assets, and the drivers on board receive, in real time, the information recorded about parking occupancy and open worksites, with the possibility of choosing alternative routes in advance.

Data assets

exhaustive collection of available information.


traffic flows in the city.


communication without intermediaries with drivers.

Advantages for road service managers and benefits for drivers

MOVYON innovation on board the solution

The innovative MOVYON method for digitising infrastructure assets in urban areas allows for monitoring and communication in real time with “connected cars”, through the Infotainment system.

Monitor traffic in smart cities: the connected MOVYON solutions

The Monitoring ecosystem includes MOVYON systems and technologies applied to the urban context: Safety Management solutions which can be usedto monitor safety also in cities and on their smart roads.