Connecting roads and vehicles: solutions for Smart Roads

Smart Service Areas and Connected Cars: roads become smart, they interact with vehicles and guide them on the journey and during stopovers.

With MOVYON, the smart road is your best travel companion

Our Smart Roads ecosystem connects vehicles with mobility infrastructures by integratingSmart Service Areas. Thanks to Vehicle-2-Infrastructure (V2I) devices and to data analytics about traffic, drivers can count on better safety during their journey and when they stop in a lay-by, get informed about traffic flows and availability of services they are looking for well ahead of time, resulting in enhanced customer experience.

Data collection

about preferences, driving styles, road system info.


the traffic flow.


of vehicle on-board units.

Enhanced CX

shorter queues, more security and safety in road system.

The benefits of MOVYON solutions for smart roads

Smart Service Areas

Our technology helps monitor and detect the traffic flows in lay-bys, informing drivers about the availability of the services, protecting their safety while they are in the lay-by.