Smart Tolling

Our Smart Tolling solutions assist driver with toll payments in the most user-friendly and fastest way possible and help them save on their travel costs, thanks to constant traffic monitoring.

Travel on toll roadsis smarter than ever

From monitoring and tracking of vehicles, to calculation of any refund for delays caused by work in progress or worksites: Smart Tolling is the answer to the needs of those who frequently travel on motorways.



of vehicles in transit at toll booths, incoming and outgoing.



to calculate delays and refunds.

Enhanced CX


for drivers thanks to the service we offer.

Major Smart Tolling solution benefits

Dynamic toll pricing

When traffic flow slows on the motorway, an algorithm detects the delays and calculates the drivers’ refund: the MOVYON solution is the dynamic calculation of motorway tolls.

Monitoring vehicles means helping drivers save money. MOVYON technologies detect any delay caused by work in progress or worksite, thus allowing for calculation of the amount to be refunded to the user.


Vehicle Tracking

This all-round MOVYON solution tracks and monitors the route actually covered by all vehicles travelling on the motorway.