On Board Unit (OBU)

This is the on-board device which allows drivers to easily pay online for mobility services, in the city and on toll motorway sections.

The OBU uses short-range technologies (DSRC systems).

The future of the MOVYON experience on toll roads

Our On Board Unit (OBU) is a reliable and versatile solution, available with a DSRC technology. It can be used in suburban contexts by road concession holders and Payment Service Providers, and in urban contexts by fleet managers and parking site managers.


It is easy to install and has a long service life; moreover, the OBU with DSRC does not require any type of power input.


MOVYON technological innovation on the solution

OBU with DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication)

This is a device which, through DSRC communication, receives and sends signals to the Road Side Equipment, using both Italian and international standards. Communication is of a “transponder” type: the device thus remains silent and starts sending data only when, being very close to the RSU, it receives a specific wake-up signal.