Weigh in Motion System

The MOVYON platform performs a dynamic monitoring of the weight of vehicles in transit on motorways and suburban roads.

Software algorithms for weight measurement and alerting are integrated with hardware elements, to ensure the safety of travellers and infrastructures.

Advanced information and alertingto weigh each decision

The platform allows motorway and road licenseesconcessionaries, independent road management companies and PA offices to measure in real time the weight of the vehicle in transit, entering or exiting a road section, guaranteeing the safety of travellers and infrastructures.

An advanced sensor-based system measures the weight of vehicles and, in synergy with the licence plate readers, matches the number with the relevant vehicle. The information for tracking heavy vehicles along the route is then transferred to a Back end system for processing, and finally sent to the drivers through messages on road panels.

MOVYON technological innovation on board the solution

Weights and stresses

monitored on infrastructures.


monitored on roads with transit limitations.

Statistical studies

on traffic flows and travel routes.

Enhanced CX

more security and safety in road transit.

Advantages for managers and benefits for drivers