Road system

Interactive multimedia totems: customisable systems with complete information about the road system that is useful to those travelling by road and motorway.

Custom and flexible: MOVYON information on the road system

The interactive multimedia totems provide information about the road system to drivers on roads and motorways. They are mainly installed along the motorway, in service areas and at points of heavy traffic, such as airports.

On the totems, users read the traffic information and can see real time videos from the video cameras along the route. Useful information can be obtained on intermodal mobility to and from town centres, supplied with potentially integrated systems: on rail mobility and local public transport, for example.

They are versatile and customisable: able to integrate additional information of third parties and, if permitted, also advertising, to offer drivers an all-round better user experience.

Travel Time

An advanced calculation system integrated with sensor-based network calculates the time it will take to drive from the start to the end of a motorway section.

Several MOVYON solutions calculated and process information from motorway toll booths, as well as information derived from monitoring points for traffic along the route. All this is useful for tolling purposes, but also in order to caculate travel time.

The system, integrated with a sensor-based network, calculates the time it will take to drive from the start to the end of a motorway section.

By comparing the average recorded time and the typical value for an individual section, it is possible to assess road travel  conditions on the route in question.

All information collected through integration with the Integrated Road Travel System allows for posting the driving time on Variable Display panels along the motorway section.