Smart Service Areas

Our technology helps monitor and detect the traffic flows in lay-bys, informing drivers in advance about the availability of the services, protecting their safety while they are in the area.

It is the road that suggests to you when to stop in a lay-by.

Because the smart road is the best travel companion

MOVYON aims at digitising and making service areas sustainable. It plans to use this through the use of IoT technologies, video-analysis and predictive algorithms, sensors, laser scanner, cameras, information totems and an innovative control room system.

Using these technologies will allow road service managers to create new services, increase their offer, while at the same time creating a pleasant experience for users and drivers.

The new MOVYON service area is data driven


for users in transit and in lay-bys.

Data collection and management

to improve and offer new services to customers.

Enhanced CX

for more security and safey in road travel.


to prevent crimes.

Advantages for road service managers and benefits for drivers