Sustainable infrastructures

Bridges, overpass, tunnels, viaducts: through best-in-class dedicated systems and platforms, we monitor infrastructures to ensure a longer servise life.

The technological innovation roads and motorways need

With our solutions, we make infrastructure monitoring as careful and precise as possible. This is possible thank to cutting-edge technology, which supports customers in terms of inspection processes and asset management. Sensor-based, IoT and smart systems: an invisible technology, whose its results are there for all to see.



continuously all weights, stresses and overloads in transit.



inspection and asset maintenance processes.


of control in a tunnel using third-party systems.


of structures and traffic on suburban roads.

Making infrastructures sustainable: our competitive edge

Tunnel Management

The MOVYON system monitors and checks road travelconditions in tunnels, to ensure the safety of travellers. It manages critical events and the implementation of the required safety measures.


The solution automatically detects the speed of vehicles travelling in two ways: average speed along the section and instant speed. A safe, systematic control of respect of speed limits.

Road Safety

Monitoring speed limits, weights of vehicles and any dangerous goodstransported: MOVYON solutions to for enhanced safety on suburban roads.

Operation Safety

The MOVYON solution dedicated to safety on road construction sites. Its heart is SFirst, the app used to track and plan the site throughout its entire service cycle. Safety First.


The Best in Class Asset Management platform for infrastructure management and monitoring.