All MOVYON solutions for tolling

The easiest and fastest tolling systems, alongside cutting-edge platforms, to manage financial, maintenance information and status of the various devices.

Thank to this monitoring system, even tolling becomes smart

Our technology covers on 75% of Italian roads and the ten million on-board units for dynamic tolling in Europe, totalling about one billion transactions. Smart and innovative solutions for a more comprehensive and clear management of information on tolling, and a simple and user-friendly payment experience.


of On Board Units (OBU) in Europe.


for calculating delays and refunds.

Secure road system


shorter queues at toll booths.

Enhanced CX


for drivers thanks to our services.

The competitive edge of our solutions for tolling

Road Side Equipment

The set of electrical, electronic and communication equipment and software applications enabling the transit of vehicles on tollroad and motorway sections.

Back Office

A modular suite of applications provides concession-holders with services in support of the toll system: setting toll policies, pricing, subscriptions and exemptions, collections management.