Tracking dangerous goods

The MOVYON system that strengthens safety on motorways, thanks to the monitoring and tracking of vehicles in transit carrying dangerous goods.

Prompt roadside assistance for the safety of those travelling

This Road Safety and Security solution is based on the recognition of the kemler code, the international code posted on the sides, front and back of the vehicles. Through this code, read by ANPR video cameras, the type of goods carried and degree of dangerousness is identified.

By analysing the passages between the various points where the video cameras are installed, the journey travelled by the goods is monitored precisely. The system thus enables the real time interception of said goods along the journeys where accidents have taken place, there are traffic jams or long queues, and prompt communication with roadside assistance if necessary.

The monitoring system allows for the tracking of maps showing the movement of the vehicles and the implementation of safety measures within the infrastructures, like tunnels, most involved by the transit of dangerous goods.