Tunnel Management

The MOVYON system monitors and checks road travelconditions in tunnels, to ensure the safety of travellers. It manages critical events and the implementation of the required safety measures.

Tunnel Management allows for more rapid action by first responders, by alerting road service operators of any risk situations. Moreover the system monitors the status of the devices installed and reports any failures, to constantly ensure the best operating conditions in every tunnel.

An integrated system for road safetyin tunnels

Tunnel Management consists of subsystems which work for collecting data inside a tunnel (ventilation, pressurisation), to monitor the condition of the whole infrastructure and to implement safety measures in the event of fires or accidents. The data provided by sensors and cameras inside the tunnel are collected in real-time by the field system which – in case of critical events – triggers all required safety measures.



of the infrastructure, continuously.

Enhanced road travel


more safety and security in traffic.

Integration possible

with third-party remote control solutions.



with current standards regarding safety in tunnels.

Advantages for road managers and benefits for drivers

MOVYON technological innovationon board the solution