The solution automatically detects the speed of vehicles travelling in two ways: average speed along the section and instant speed. A safe, systematic control of respect of speed limits.

TUTOR® uses video cameras and sensors to verify breaches of speed limits along a given section. It sends data to a central system, interfacing with the traffic police databases. Differently to traditional control systems, it detects breaches in two ways: average speed along the section and instant speed. For complete safety on roads and motorways.

The highest performance in detecting the exceeding of speed limits

When in average speed detection mode, TUTOR® analyses each section through two peripheral monitoring points, typically portals, which identify the vehicle data (moment of passage, class, number plate); when in instant detection mode, on the other hand, it also analyses the speed in a specific point. Its central system collects the information and, if the speed limits allowed along the section are exceeded, it queries the archives of the motoring authorities and car rental companies to trace the owner or driver of the vehicle.

The solution is approved by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility available to motorway and road concession-holders, regional road companies and municipalities wishing to improve safety on roads and motorways. Thanks to the use of new radars, their performance is now even better than previous models.


mature, tried and tested system.


with current privacy legislation.

Speed detection

outperforms previous models.

Better road systems

more fluid, safer traffic.

Advantages for managers and benefits for drivers

MOVYON innovation on the solution

TUTOR® helps achieve important results in terms of environmental impact, reducing CO2 emissions by reducing the average speeds travelled and assuring a more event driving style.