Tech the future

There are infinite paths to transform the future. Technology and innovation are ours.

Digital engineering for sustainable mobility.

MOVYON’s team of professionals designs, integrates and implements innovative solutions to make mobility easier, the city smarter and the infrastructures safer and more sustainable.


We promote an open and collaborative innovation culture. An approach that brings value to the community through partnerships with universities, research centers and incubators, and collaborations with top innovation makers.

The road speaks MOVYON

Connected infrastructures, digital tolling and smart service areas. We strive to make it easier for those who need to move in the city or on the motorway, developing Intelligent Transport System Solutions.

We improve travelling safety

We design custom, flexible integrated solutions to keep drivers and road workers safe. In order to deliver real-time useful traffic updates and ensure tempestive action is taken, should critical issues arise.  

Smart mobility is green

By monitoring infrastructures safety, we manage to extend their lifespan. We develop technologies for alternative energy sources, and systems that are built to reduce traffic congestion and delays on strategic junctions with a sustainable approach to mobility.

We make urban mobility smart

Our solutions unlock a new ecosystem of innovative urban mobility services. Innovation and testing are what make MOVYON the new technological partner for tomorrow’s smart cities.

News from MOVYON

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