Solutions for mobility in smart cities

All our competences and solutions are applied on a 3,000 km motorway network at the service of tomorrow's smart city.

All our roads lead to the smart city

Optimised management of traffic, control in selected areas using advanced systems, smart parking systems, satellite systems for monitoring local public transport, choice of sustainable mobility within an interconnected eco-system vehicle-city: these are the roads we drive along to the smart city.

Data collection


constantly updated traffic info.


traffic thanks to forecasting models.


and reporting the collected traffic data.

Enhanced CX


driving in the city more securely and safely.

The benefits of MOVYON solutions which result in smart cities

Mobility Enablers

These simplify mobility in the smart city: systems and technologies designed to optimise urban road systems to the benefit of transport companies, the PA and citizens.

Smart monitoring

It monitors in real time the traffic conditions in the city and communicates with drivers, municipality and police forces: this is the MOVYON technological ecosystem for safety in the smart city...

City Access

Systems and technologies to control the main entry and exit gateways to the smart city. Applicable to the urban context, but also to logistics and ports of transhipment.