C-ITS - Connected Cars

Roads and cars with a connection I2V (Infrastructure-to-vehicle) and V2X(Veichle-to-everything), for a game-changing travel experience.

On connected infrastructures, roads and car now talk to one another

The digitizing of MOVYON infrastructure assets on motorways and roads will allow for the exchange of information between infrastructuresand vehicles, and between one vehicle and another. Initially this dialogue will be mainly I2V, Infrastructure-to-vehicle, later it will be upgraded to V2X, Vehicle-to-everything, thus allowing for communication between vehicles, road assets and other users, for instance pedestrians.



traffic flow.

Data collection


regarding driving preferences and styles.

Enhanced CX


for a more secure and safer road system.

Advantages for road service managers and for drivers

MOVYON innovation on board the solution

The C-ITS -Connected Carssystem will allows creating a certified and “first-hand” set of information. All data will be collected, processed and filed directly by ASPI.